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Confiança developed this section especially for you, here you will find tips and valuable information which will help you at the moment of your moving. Enjoy a few moving tips that helped hundreds of customers plan for, pack and moving their homes and belongings.

Planning your move

  • If you don't have the certainty what you need to bring or you didn't decide the date of your move, but you know that you will need to move soon, request a contact, our team will help you and give all support required to plan your move. You can use our checklist to help plan your move by months, weeks and days before the move.

  • Do you need help with your kids or pets on the day of your move? Can you count on a friend or family to help you? Try to get this help with anticipation.

  • Contact the utility companies like as, water, energy, phone, postal services, and banks, all that need to know about your moving at least 2 weeks in advance.


How to organize your move

  • Clean and organize the storage areas of your home or apartment, such as closets, attic, basement, and garage as soon as you decide to move, you can select what you are going to take with you, what you are going to donate, or recycle.

  • When you decide what stay and what will be donated, sold or simply discard, organize the items by category or rooms. Separate all items from room, bath, and clothes and organize all of them. 

  • Moving is a great opportunity to recycle many things. Do not maintain items that you don’t need, or that you don’t already use for at least 1 year. 

  • A garage sale is a great opportunity to be undone of some items and make money, so you can save money on your move. Confiança do not transport food, remember to plan for don’t maintain much food in your freezer or cabinets, if you have non-perishable foods, Confiança can do a donation to move for Hunger.

  • If you live in an apartment, make a reservation to the elevators, and request authorization from your office building for our crew does not have any surprise on moving day.


On the moving day

  • If you are leaving in a rented home, take some pictures when it’s empty to avoid any surprise or extra payments for damages that you did you not cause.

  • Do I need to tip the team? You are not obligated to pay our professionals, but it’s a custom to offer a tip. Request our staff put the boxes with your belongings in each room to facilitate unpacking.

Is this your first move? Our team is ready to answer your questions and help you. request a free estimate today.

Questions to ask the moving company before your move.

Avoid bad experiences, with these questions you can verify if the company that you hiring, it’s really going to treat you and your house with respect. Remember your move starts with a good choice of a respected and trustworthy company. On the survey or by phone, discussing the key points will avoid surprises with your budget and guarantee the success of your move.


You should look for a company that understands your needs, providing total comfort for you and your family, especially because there are so many bad companies that do not deliver what they promise, or charge extra fees when they have the possession of your goods.


Questions about costs

  • The cost of covers, furniture protection, boxes, and tapes are included in my estimate?

  • Is my estimate calculated by the open hour or flat rate? The open hour is an estimate calculated by the hour, indicated just for small moves. The flat rate has required a survey in your home, after it, the company provides an estimate without surprises.

  • The protection of my goods are included in the price? What kind of protection is included?

  • What are the paying ways? Careful with companies that only accepting cash.

  • What kind of change can increase the cost of my move? If you change the scheduled date it can increase the amount of your move.

Questions about your move


  • Is there any item that can’t be moved?

  • Do I need to pack my belongings or will the moving company do it for me?

  • How many professionals will be at my home on the move day?

  • What happens if something broke on the moving?


About the moving company


  • Who will be my contact if something happens on the moving?

  • Do I need to pack my belongings or will the moving company do it for me?

  • Are your professionals trained, do they go through a background check?

  • Does your company have AMSA Promover license?

  • Did you have references from previous customers?

  • How are you different from other moving companies? Why should I choose your company to move my belongings?



Asking the right questions provides you the confidence that you need to choose a great company. If you look for an exceptional company, Confiança is the right company, call us today (866) 266-8464 or request your estimate online. We will be happy to attend you and answer all your questions.


After selecting some companies and requesting an estimate, the next step is, taking a survey at your home. Confiança will send a professional specialized in surveys and he will check all of the specific needs for your move.


What should you expect on the survey day?​

During the survey our representative will visit your home, together you will do a brief inventory of all the things that you will move and all that you don't want bring with you. At this moment you have all the rights to clarify any question with our representative, planning, estimated amount, and any question that you have.


Why is the survey important?​ Does it benefit me?

The survey is important because at this time we will estimate how many crews we should send, how many vehicles, the kind of equipment necessary to move specific furniture, how long the moving will during if your goods need special packaging like woodbox. The best way to find this information is visiting your home and knowing each detail that can influence our planning.


The survey is a benefit to you because it is an opportunity to know the professional of Confiança, and the best way to prepare an estimate without any error and any surprise for you.

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