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Local Moving

Moving is a stressful time, even if your new home is just across the street. Confiança has completed experience, operating in the U.S. since 1998, providing local moving services in Miami and New York, transporting successfully more than 15,000 local moves.


For your moving to be less stressful, let Confiança take care of the details, our team plans, manages, packs and delivers the items transported to the destination with total care and safety, and if you need a few days to safely store your belongings, we offer this to you as well.

Your moving is our moving.

Confiança offers its customers a personalized experience, whether it be a full service or if you wish to pack your items in person. Our staff will take care of every detail for you.


Plan your moving making your local relocation with Confiança you have a fully dedicated professional, our customer care will go along with you to choose and schedule the dates and times, offering the best protection option for your move and define all the details necessary for the success of your moving. If you prefer to pack your items we provide some packing tips that we prepare for you.


Packing and Unpacking we keep your belongings safe and secure because we use the best packaging materials and our professionals are trained with the best techniques. If maintain the belongings safe is your highest priority, Confiança also helps you to pack in person to ensure greater transportation and security.


Storage Services  if you need a few more days to complete your move, or if you still can not complete the closing of your home or apartment, or need to store your items for a long time, Confiança has warehouses in Miami and New Jersey where you can store your items safely, contact our representative and know our conditions.

Small Moves

Confiança has the right solution for every type and size of moving. With the current demographic shift younger people live in smaller homes, small moves have become more popular. With us, you do not have to sacrifice yourself because your move is small, you still have all the security of a team totally dedicated to your needs, plan your small move in Miami or New York today.


Designed for you. If you are changing only a few items or a small apartment, Confiança offers the simple move, you hire the service according to the number of hours you need. The value of the move is calculated per hour, and you enjoy a dedicated professional to coordinate every step of your moving.

Ask our representative, he is the right person to clarify everything you need to know.

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Corporate Moving
Long Distance Moving
International Moving
Storage & Delivery
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