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Storage & Delivery


Confiança Moving has warehouses in Miami and New Jersey where you can keep your personal belongings safely with 24/7 surveillance. This is a solution for clients facing the following situations:

  • Do you need to store your furniture during the remodeling of your residence? You may leave your items in our warehouse, we pick up, store, and deliver when your house is ready; with 24/7 surveillance

  • Realtors can use it during closing and/or before inspections. 

  • Storage in transit, when your residence is not yet ready to receive your belongings;

  • We offer storage vaults for an indefinite period when you have not decided where you are going, or what to do with some items. Your moving will be stored in specific vaults that ensure proper protection for the good. Whether it’s furniture, electronics, corporate files, and other objects, we have the perfect solution for you.

Scheduling Visits

Need to move some item, make a donation to someone, or request a delivery of a specific item, you can request a visit with 48h in advance so that our team leaves your box in easy access for you, the cost of handling is $ 30/h.


Our service hours are: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Contact our representative for more information on storage, let our representative present a great solution for your needs.


Our delivery service is aimed to customers who need logistic support with their deliveries, whether the individual or corporate customers, Confiança Moving receives the item, does a complete inspection on receipt to ensure that the item was delivered accordingly when the customer needs scheduling and delivery to the destination address.


We deliver, unpack and assemble your belongings in perfect condition, our team works with white gloves and protection in the shoes do not leave any type of mark or dirt on the item or in your home, a VIP service for our customers and for your customers.

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